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New kerb to be added to exit of Monza’s Parabolica for Italian GP – F1

The FIA is planning to add a line of kerbing to the exit of Monza’s Parabolica to stop Formula 1 drivers gaining an advantage by running wide as they head onto the pit straight.

Previously the edge of the track has been marked by a white line, with asphalt beyond it, which did not discourage drivers going wide.

At last year’s Italian GP Sebastian Vettel was seen taking a wide line in qualifying, and so far this weekend many drivers have been observed following a similar route.

The subject was raised in Friday’s drivers’ briefing where it was pointed out that drivers had been deemed to have gained an advantage by abusing track limits.

The new kerbing is expected to be placed around a metre behind the white line in order to stop drivers putting all four wheels off the circuit.

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